Give Me a Break!

Today’s post is inspired by two friends that I chatted with yesterday. I was talking to my friend Kristin (remember her? she took the tea picture!) about the importance of rest days when it comes to exercise.  I then talked to my other friend, Emily, who asked me to put up another blog post.  I asked her what she wanted me to write about and she said “exercise!” So, this post is about rest days and how crucial they are for our bodies!

The past couple of days my workouts have been pretty intense.  They’ve been a combination of cardio and strength training (in different formats) and all have left me feeling fantastic (woo!) and sore.

Although exercise is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress, I find that strenuous workouts everyday just don’t work for my body.  I think that sometimes we get so caught up in the idea of looking and feeling great that a rest day seems like we’re being lazy.  Which is ridiculous! Exercise is meant to improve, nourish and develop our bodies.  In order for this to happen, our bodies need time to recuperate and rebuild.  A rest day is not a “bum” day.  It is a day for thanking your body for all it has done and all it will do.

Without proper rest, it’s easy to injure your body (sometimes permanently!) which means you’ll have to take a break from exercise for a while anyways. So, which would you prefer? Pain and no exercise for weeks or voluntary rest days and a strong healthy body? I’ll take the second, please!

With all that being said, today is a rest day for me! I may go to yoga tonight, maybe not. However, for me this isn’t a workout.  One of the reasons I love yoga is it can be adjusted to how each individual is feeling.  Most times, yoga is a way to relax my mind.  It’s comparable to watching a movie or reading a book.  Yoga takes my mind to a different world, allowing (almost) all my worries to melt away for a brief period of time.

Yoga is a way for me to thank the earth and my body for being absolutely fabulous and amazing. 🙂

In conclusion, take your rest days, thank yourself and you’ll feel like a million bucks!

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Gina said:

    So wise, and so true!

    • Kristin said:

      My favorite post so far! Absolutely love. I’ve taken 2 rest days! 😛

  2. K. said:

    You have convinced me to take the day off! 😉

    • K. said:

      I just had my first green monster! With chocolate! I LOVE IT!

      • I am so glad you liked it!! Also I am so proud of you!

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