There’s a Monster in My Tummy

Bonjour mes amis!

I decided to try something new tonight that I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  A green monster smoothie! I’ve read about them on many healthy living blogs such as Angela’s blog over at Oh She Glows. Angela also started the Green Monster Movement! So much Green Monster love on that site.

So, back to my little monster! I kept it simple for my first time… here are my ingredients:

  • 1 banana, sliced THEN frozen. (it is much harder to freeze a banana and then slice it!)
  • fresh organic baby spinach (probably about 2 cups)
  • scoop of Fage greek yogurt
  • water to thin

So all that…

was blended together in my baby food processor, and turned into this…

and it was glorious!! I did not taste the spinach at all, all I could taste was creamy banana-y goodness. Seriously, this was the best idea ever! So much nutrition and such good taste. Next time I may add some nut butter (hmm.. almond or peanut?!) or maybe some cocoa or cinnamon! I’m expecting Chia Seeds soon (thanks mama!) so maybe I will incorporate those into my monsters as well.  Honestly though this simple version was so delicious that it didn’t even need anything else! I feel very energized as well, which is another plus that comes with green monsters!

So excited for my monster!

I would recommend green monsters to anyone and everyone. They’re great as a snack or, if you make them filling enough, breakfast or lunch!  I think a lot of people have troubles when it comes to getting their greens in everyday, and this is a way to have them in a delicious way.  I think they are especially great for people who don’t like the taste of leafy veggies, because you do not taste them at all! Even though I love huge salads, it’s awesome to have even more leafy goodness in my diet! Green monster fan for life!

Food for thought:

Have you ever had a green monster?

If so, what’s your favorite recipe?

If not, would you consider trying one?

Thanks for stopping by, sugar plums!


  1. Molly said:

    I love green smoothies but even when I make them really substantial with yogurt or nut butter, they just don’t fill me up — something about not chewing makes me feel like I haven’t eaten. So I tend to make them light and have them as a beverage, not a meal.

    • Yeah, I can understand that! The one I made tonight was definitely not a full meal but I have yet to experiment with more filling ingredients. I think chewing plays a huge role in how full we feel, so I’ll be interested to see how I feel with a richer green monster.

  2. K. said:

    It sounds interesting…are they anything like those green Naked smoothies? Because I do not like those ones. They have a weird vegetabley aftertaste. But if these do not taste that way then maybe I will try it!

    Also is a baby food processor for baby food, or just an extra small food processor

    • I’ve never tried the Naked smoothies so I’m not sure what the vegetable taste is like. Honestly though these have no vegetabley taste at all!! I’ll make you one sometime when we are both home! Or you can get your own food processor and do it yourself. And it is an extra small food processor hahaha. I’m sure I could baby food in it though.. ironic.

      • K. said:

        I have those smoothies all the time (but not the green ones), but they are expensive! I’m sure it would be better to make your own smoothies. I never felt like I needed a food processor until now haha.

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