Tea x2!

Hello readers!

This post is dedicated to hot, steamy cups of…. TEA! In these winter months I often have trouble keeping warm, but a nice cup of tea always seems to help! I would say I have a slight obsession with tea, as shown by this picture taken by my friend Kristin while we were having tea time one day:

Tea time!

I love having a wide variety of tea for myself and to share with others! I enjoy choosing a flavor and look forward to the aromas that arise from my hot cup of tea.  Sometimes I add Unsweetened Almond Milk to my tea or a splash of coconut creamer.  However, I never add any kind of sweetener to my tea! For some reason I just don’t like sweet tea. I find that adding a little bit of a creamy substance to my tea takes down the bitterness that some varieties have without making it too sweet. Perfection in a cup. 🙂

Today I brought two tea bags with me for my day around campus, Decaf Spiced Chai and Organic Golden Peach!

I usually go to a cafe, ask for a cup of hot water (it’s free!) and use my own tea bag. Most places charge $1.50 or more for a small cup of hot tea, when all you are paying for is the tea bag! So I just bring my own. Plus, I have a better selection 😉

I enjoyed the Spiced Chai while studying at the library:

So cozy!

..and I’m looking forward to having the Golden Peach lataaaa!

Food for thought:

What’s your favorite hot beverage?

Do you prefer said beverage sweet?

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a marvelous day!


  1. K. said:

    Hooray new blog! This should be your new year’s resolution, have a blog 🙂

    My favorite hot beverage is chai but there are many other hot beverages that I also like. All of them sweet!

    That Golden Peach tea sounds good! That is nice that you can have drinks in the library.

    • Haha, it just might be my resolution now that you mention it!
      I love chai too, but always unsweetened. Do you get chai tea lattes or just plain chai?
      The Golden Peach tea is very good! I’m so thankful our library allows food and drink. Does yours?

      • K. said:

        I like chai lattes, they are pretty sweet though. I like dipping pastries in them.

        Ours allows it in the cafe, but I think you can only have bottles in the rest of the library, and no food I think. I’m not sure though. Not taking any chances with those librarians… 😉

  2. Kristin said:

    TEA! My favorite post! I miss tea time! You just came into my room…reading this just made me feel warm and cozy!

    • Awe we will have tea time again soon! I’m glad this post made you feel warm and cozy haha! You looked very cozy in your bed 😛

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